T-Log Wireless Datalogger

T-Log Wireless Datalogger

Wireless communication between the T-Sens sensors and the T-Log data logger allows subjects to move freely.

CAPTIV’s T-Log data logger is an innovative portable data acquisition station. It is specially designed to facilitate data recordings while offering maximum reliability and subject comfort.

There are no intrusive or movement-restricting cables, simply a wireless connection between the T-Sens sensor modules and the T-Log data logger: the subject has full freedom of motion, allowing researchers to conduct experiments in real-world settings.

The T-Log’s wide touchscreen, user-friendly access menu, and CAPTIV’s intuitive analysis software make the platform ideally suited for even the most demanding research paradigms.

Lightweight and small-sized, it can be easily clipped onto a belt.




  • Dimensions: 17 mm x 73 mm x 23 mm
  • Weight: 170g
  • Memory: 16 go
  • T-Sens sensor: 1 to 32
  • Battery recording time: 12h
  • Recharging time: 4h
  • Bandwidth: 11,520 sps
  • Reference: C2000



  • CAPTIV L7000
  • T-Sens Motion sensor (IMU)
  • T-Sens Sensors