Suite of wearable sensors for EEG, multimodal sensors (ExG, GSR, RESP, TEMP, motion-tracking, etc.), eye-trackers, and software solutions that enable the synchronization and analysis of these devices for applications in research, BCI, neurofeedback, neuromarketing


Wireless, Mobile, Dry-EEG headset with 21 channels and 3 auxiliary inputs; designed for full head coverage EEG


Wireless, Mobile, Dry-EEG headset with 7 channels; designed for ease of use and home setting EEG


Wireless, Mobile, Dry-EEG headset with 9 channels; designed for P300 and VEP, and easy VR application

DSI-Hybrid EEG + fNIR​

Wireless, Dry EEG + fNIR system designed for synchronized recording of EEG and its hemodynamic response or blood-oxygen-level-dependent (BOLD) response


Wireless, Mobile, Dry-EEG headset with 7 flexible channels; designed for research that requires changing sensor locations

Wireless Trigger Hub

Wireless hub that enables the acquiring and transmitting triggers to DSI systems and 3rd party systems

DSI VR Adaptor Kit

Adaptor kit that enables the DSI-24 or the DSI-7 to be compatible with the HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro/Pro Eye, and the Oculus Rift

Replacement Dry Electrodes

Replacement electrodes for DSI systems now available for purchase online. Recommended to change electrodes every 100 uses