Dry Sensor Interface

Wireless Trigger Hub

Wireless - Millisecond Accuracy

The wireless trigger hub enables interfacing between Wearable Sensing’s Dry Sensor Interface (DSI) EEG headsets and other systems, facilitating device synchronization and third-party system integration. The hub acquires triggers from and transmits triggers to many sources. It consolidates up to 8 input sources into a single multi-channel output that connects directly into DSI or other systems. Triggers from the input parallel port are distributed across the connections on the output panel. The trigger output voltage is 0 – 5 V, which is sufficient to drive the trigger inputs of standard devices. The use of standardized input connectors and cables allows the user to connect and synchronize a wide range of third-party devices with the hub and DSI systems.

Used around the world by leaders in Research, Neurofeedback, Neuromarketing, Brain-Computer Interfaces, & Neuroergonomics.

Various Input / Output Options

1 Parallel Port (DB-25 Connector, 8 Channels)
4 Analog Inputs (2-BNC, 2-3.5 mm Stereo)
1 Line-Level Audio Input (3.5 mm Stereo)
2 Switch Inputs (3.5 mm Stereo)
1 Auto-Trigger Function

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10 Adjustable Threshold levels for all Inputs
Resulting triggers are consolidated and transmitted to DSI Systems

Included Accessories

Push-Button Trigger
Stereo Cable
Wired Trigger Cable
Wireless Receiver/Repeater

Output to Other Devices

Voltage: 0-5V
Current: 100 mA continuous / 200 mA impulse
Various Output Options and Connectors

Wireless Transmission

10 m Transmission Range
Repeater Eliminates transmission shadow effect
Increases fidelity of transmission to 99.999%



Distributes 1 Hz square wave to all outputs
Enables synchronization across multiple systems

Analog Input Specifications

Voltage Range

0 – 20V

Min. Pulse Width

20 ms

Min. Inter-trigger Interval (Rising Edge)

40 ms

Audio Input Specifications

Input Voltage Range

Line-Level, 2 Vpp

Min. Audio Signal Level (2kHz)

140 mVpp


40Hz – 20kHz (-3 dB)

Output to DSI Systems

Wireless Output


Wired Output (DB-25)


Wireless Latency

12s with <400 μs jitter

Wired Latency

<100 μs (digital/analog/switch input)
<0.5 ms (audio input) 

Wireless Range

10 m