Hardware & Software

Suite of wearable sensors for EEG, multimodal sensors (ExG, GSR, RESP, TEMP, motion-tracking), eye-trackers, and software solutions that enable the synchronization and analysis of these devices for applications in research, BCI, neurofeedback, neuromarketing, and more


Wireless, Mobile, Dry-EEG headset with 21 channels and 3 auxiliary inputs; designed for full head coverage EEG


Wireless, Mobile, Dry-EEG headset with 7 channels; designed for ease of use and home setting EEG


Wireless, Mobile, Dry-EEG headset with 9 channels; designed for P300 and VEP, and easy VR application

DSI-Hybrid EEG + fNIR​

Wireless, Dry EEG + fNIR system designed for synchronized recording of EEG and its hemodynamic response or blood-oxygen-level-dependent (BOLD) response


Wireless, Mobile, Dry-EEG headset with 7 flexible channels; designed for research that requires changing sensor locations

Wireless Trigger Hub

Wireless hub that enables the acquiring and transmitting triggers to DSI systems and 3rd party systems

DSI VR Adaptor Kit

Adaptor kit that enables the DSI-24 or the DSI-7 to be compatible with the HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro/Pro Eye, and the Oculus Rift

Replacement Dry Electrodes

Replacement electrodes for DSI systems now available for purchase online. Recommended to change electrodes every 100 uses

NeuSen W

Wireless, Mobile, Wet EEG system with 8 channel, 16 channel, 32 channel, or 64 channels; designed for high density EEG


Sensor designed to record the electrical activity of the heart; dry or sticky electrode configuration available


Sensor designed to record the electrical activity of the muscles; dry or sticky electrode configuration available


Sensor designed to record the corneo-retinal standing potential that exists between the front and back of the eye


Sensor designed to measure the change in electrical activity resulting from changes in sweat gland activity measured from the finger tips


Force sensor that wraps around the chest designed to measure respiration effort and respiration rate


Sensor designed to measure external temperature of the skin; dry or sticky electrode configuration available

T-SENS : Inertial Motion Unit (IMU)

Wireless sensor designed to measure body's specific angle, force, and orientation; used to capture motion data without capture cameras

T-SENS : 3D Accelerometer

Wireless sensor module for measuring the acceleration of an object or person, consisting of linear acceleration in 3 axes (X,Y,Z)


Wireless sensor designed to record the electrical activity of the heart; sticky electrodes or belt available


A wireless GSR module for measuring skin conductance (captured by two electrodes positioned at the tips of two fingers).


A wireless module for measuring skin temperature or ambient temperature. Secured on the body with tape


A unique wireless GSR+T°C sensor combining the measurement of both skin conductance and skin temperature


A wireless module for measuring thoracic or abdominal movements; allows analysis of both respiration rhythm and amplitude.


A wireless module for surface electromyography (sEMG) measurement; sticky electrode can be placed anywhere on body

T-SENS : Universal Module

A wireless module for measuring one analog input. This allows interfacing with any sensor with a 0-3 V analog output.

T-SENS : Load Cell

A wireless module for effort measurement (push/pull) supplied with a load cell to be selected among a large variety of ranges

FSR for 3 Fingers

A wireless module for force measurement (captured by a force-sensing resistor).


Innovative interface enables synchronized acquisition of data from 1 to 16 wireless sensors (T-Sens and/or T-Motion sensors).

VT3 Mini Eye-Tracker

Remote Eye-Tracker designed for research grade eye tracking that can be used up to 30 inches away

DSI Streamer

Data acquisition software that is included with all DSI systems. Enables live impedance monitoring, live streaming, recording, and more.


Machine learning software for DSI systems that enables cognitive state classification in an easy to use platform


Data acquisition and analysis software used to synchronize T-SENS biometric sensors and other multimodal sensors

CAPTIV Neurolab

Presentation and analysis software for Neuromarketing that can synchronize EEG, Eye-Tracking, GSR, and Facial Coding

SSVEP BCI Algorithms

Software platform that enables user friendly SSVEP paradigm for BCI applications and research of SSVEP

3rd Party Compatible Software

List of compatible software, including Neurofeedback, BCI, EEG Analysis, SDK's, and more