T-Rec receiver enables real-time data acquisition and measurement synchronization of up to 32 T-Sens sensors


T-Receiver is the module needed to enable T-Sens sensors to wirelessly connect to the data acquisition software. One T-Receiver can have up to 16 sensors paired to it, and up to 2 T-Receiver systems can be used in CAPTIV, enabling up to 32 synchronized sensors. 

CAPTIV Software

CAPTIV is a flexible and scalable software and hardware solution enabling the synchronous recording, display, and analysis of multiple data sources and inputs. Up to 32 wireless sensors can be recorded and synchronized with 3rd party devices such as eye-trackers, dry EEG systems, and more. CAPTIV also has multiple analysis tools and reports, such as heart rate, joint angles, static and dynamic EMG, gait, arousal, and more. All of the data can be export into standard formats, or automatically integrated into reports. 


Sampling rate

2900 Hz

Number of Sensors

1-16 per T-Receiver

Transmission Range

15 m


1 Trigger In & 1 Trigger Out


USB 2.0

Data Transfer

USB 2.0


140 mm x 130 mm x 30 mm


170 g