Suite of wearable sensors for EEG, multimodal sensors (ExG, GSR, RESP, TEMP, motion-tracking, etc.), eye-trackers, and software solutions that enable the synchronization and analysis of these devices for applications in research, BCI, neurofeedback, neuromarketing

DSI Streamer

Data acquisition software that is included with all DSI systems. Enables live impedance monitoring, live streaming, recording, and more.


Machine learning software for DSI systems that enables cognitive state classification in an easy to use platform


Data acquisition and analysis software used to synchronize T-SENS biometric sensors and other multimodal sensors

CAPTIV Neurolab

Presentation and analysis software for Neuromarketing that can synchronize EEG, Eye-Tracking, GSR, and Facial Coding

SSVEP BCI Algorithms

Software platform that enables user friendly SSVEP paradigm for BCI applications and research of SSVEP

3rd Party Compatible Software

List of compatible software, including Neurofeedback, BCI, EEG Analysis, SDK's, and more