Measurement synchronization platform for human behavior analysis

CAPTIV is a software and hardware platform that enables the rapid synchronization and analysis of a variety of different types of modalities. These include T-Sens wireless sensors, Wearable Sensing Dry EEG systems, eyetracking, facial coding, and more.

Multimodal Tool

All measurements and videos centralized and synchronized. Combine the power of T-Sens wireless sensors, EEG, eyetracking, and more


Accessible Data

Full access to all raw data Import/export any type of file

Advanced Analysis and Results

Integrated experiment display tools, sensor processing and analysis results, and automatic PDF generated results

T-SENS Motion Sensors

T-Sens wireless sensors can be utilized in real-world environments, for research-grade motion tracking, with strong immunity against magnetic interferences. 

Experiment Flow


Record the activity to analyze with any type of device (phone, GoPro, Camera, etc.)


VR Compatibility

Integration of any data set in a virtual reality environment