CAPTIV Neurolab

Neurolab is a Neuromarketing application that allows the rapid synchronization and analysis of EEG, Eye-tracking, GSR, and Facial Coding. Neurolab has integrated presentation capabilities of videos, images, or web pages, and automatic analysis and report generation tools

One-Time Purchase License

Single seat license available for one-time purchase, no annual subscription

Synthetic Reporting

Key Figures, Maps, Graphs

Related Services

Training, Support, Hotline

Easy to Use

Intuitive, plug-and-play

Customized Scenarios

Instructions, videos, images, web...

Scalable Solution

Can expand with projects and budgets

Real-Time Synchronization

Data recording and analysis

Customized Analysis

Flexible Filters

Access to all Raw Data

Ease of export

Neurolab is designed to be a single source application allowing researchers to connect a variety of different physiological sensors, including remote or glasses-based eye-trackers, wireless GSR sensors, Wearable Sensing’s wireless dry EEG systems, and web-cam based facial coding programs. The subject can then interact with the material within Neurolab, such as viewing images, watching videos, browsing the internet, or even being mobile in a real-world environment. All of the data is then collected and automatically analyzed within Neurolab, and is available for review and instant report generation. 

Case Study : Perfume Bottles

This case study has not been published, and was an in-house experiment run by TEA Ergo




EyeTech VT3 Mini

CAPTIV-Neurolab GSR Sensor

Scalable for Multiple Applications

Marketing and Neuromarketing

Advertising, Packaging, Merchandising...keep relevant customer feedback and build a strong brand

User Experience and Usability

Gaming, IHM, Software, Mobile Applications, Websites....enhance your interface design and ergonomy to offer users a unique experience


Social Behavior, Emotional Analysis, Attention....combine the best tools for studying and researching human behavior

Innovation Process and Product Development

Living Lab, Engineering, Design...get an instantaneous report about your new products or proof of concept

Communications and Edition

Communications Materials, Magazines, Webzines, Newspapers, ebooks...improve your information structure to increase readers loyalty


Excercises, Training, E-Learning....maximize the impact of your teaching by observing the behavior and reactions of your students