DSI Streamer

DSI-Streamer is the data acquisition software that is included with all DSI systems. The software is free with unlimited license’s, and provides access to the raw EEG data in .CSV and .EDF file formats. 


Real-Time Impedance Monitor

Built-in impedance monitor allows user to ensure good quality sensor contact throughout a recording. Impedance values can also be recorded.

Multiple File Type Recordings

Record the raw or filtered data in .CSV or .EDF file formats during a single recording

Custom Montage Builder

Setup custom virtual references, edit individual channel locations, scaling, and save these settings into the recorded file

Automatic ERP Averaging

The ERP tab will automatically average custom time windows set when triggers are detected, making ERP analysis fast and easy

Integrated TCP/IP Socket

Stream the data through the program into 3rd party applications, for rapid setup of real-time analysis pipelines

Custom Event Marker

During a recording, add custom markers with ease, enabling additional context during a recording, such as calling out artifacts, or more

Signal Quality Metrics

DSI Streamer has real-time signal quality checks to ensure the system is making good contact, and recording excellent data. These metrics include:


This is the measurement of how well the electrode is making contact with the skin. Impedance is measured in real-time, and values are updated every second


This is the measurement RMS noise on each sensor every second. This value ensures electrodes are in good condition, and are making stable contact

Baseline Level

This is the measurement of transfer of chloride ions between the scalp and the electrode tips. This ensures electrodes are in good condition, and are making stable contact

Integrated TCP/IP Socket

Within DSI-Streamer, there is an integrated TCP/IP Socket. This socket allows users to easily stream the data through DSI-Streamer, into other 3rd party programs. On our support page, there is documentation available for how to utilize the TCP/IP socket, as well as example code for streaming the data into MATLAB and Python. The TCP/IP socket enables rapid development of real-time analysis pipelines, making getting your data into your program easier than ever