QStates is a cognitive state classification software that works exclusively with DSI systems. The software is built off machine-learning partial least squares algorithms that allow users to easily create models, such as mental workload, engagement, fatigue, and then test data against those models


QStates has integrated real-time classification capabilities, and can output those results via TCP/IP, enabling simple cognitive state intervention

Multiple Models

QStates can support up to 4 different models on one set of data, making model testing and validation efficient and accurate


Developed under research grants from DARPA, QStates has been used and published with by government and academic institutions

Summary Output

Once the data is classified, model types, accuracy, and classification results are exported in .CSV file format for simple review

Easy to Use Interface

The software has a simple user interface, which allows scientists to create models and test data against them in only a few minutes

Advanced Feature Review

Users have access to the thousands of features and weights that are used in each model, enabling a deeper understanding of why data was classified as such

QStates Real-Time Demonstration

This real-time example of QStates demonstrates 3 different types of models classifying EEG data while the subject is doing math problems. The left model gauge is classifying the subjects engagement, while the 2 model gauges to the right are classifying cognitive workload. 

The subject is given a task of easy math problems, and hard math problems. In this example, you can clearly see how when the subject is performing an easy math problem, they are engaged in the task, but not exerting high cognitive workload. Once they are given hard math problems, engagement and cognitive workload models jump up to the maximum level

Outputs of state are given as values from 0-100 ever 2 seconds. QStates offers automated summary table generation, and data can be saved in .CSV file formats

QStates Webinar

This webinar, presented by Dr. Walid Soussou, provides an overview of what QStates is, how it works, and what is can be used for. 

Take a dive into this webinar to peel back the curtain, and see exactly how QStates works, from feature selection, data pre-processing, artifact rejection, and more.