SSVEP BCI Algorithms

Ultra-rapid out of the box SSVEP classification software that allows users to customize up to a 40 count keyboard that can accurately make selections in about 3 seconds. The algorithms in this program are also available as source code, allowing custom applications to be built on top of the research-grade SSVEP classification tool


3 Second Classification
Customizable 40 Count Keyboard
TCP/IP Classification Output
Upload Training Data for Improved Results
No extra hardware required
Compatible with All DSI Systems

Software Interface Overview

SSVEP BCI Algorithms allows the user to customize a variety of different features to help tailor the paradigm to each specific scenario, enabling maximum classification accuracy in any environment. Some of these customizations include:

  •  Multiple methods available for data analysis
    •  S-FBCCA (Synchronous Filter Bank Canonical Correlation Analysis) – SSVEP targets flicker in fixed time, then provides a correct/incorrect answer in each trial
    • A-FBCCA (Asynchronous Filter Bank Canonical Correlation Analysis) – SSVEP targets flicker continuously before feedback. A correct feedback is obtained after focusing on the same target and reaching a threshold for 3 times
    • S-TRCA (Synchronous Task-Related Component Analysis) – Similar to S-FBCCA, with a slightly different algorithm, which requires a training model
  • Customizable Target Frequency Range
  • Customizable time spent between flashing, while flashing, and after flashing
  • Training Models for increased accuracy; immediate model testing
  • TCP/IP Output to send selections to 3rd Party Programs

Source Code for Custom Applications

SSVEP BCI Algorithms allows the source code of the algorithm to be added on, which enables the pre-built, extremely high accuracy methods to be loaded into MATLAB, and utilized for custom applications.