A unique wireless GSR+T°C sensor combining the measurement of both skin conductance and skin temperature. The two electrodes are positioned on the tip of two fingers, and the temperature probe is at the tip of one of them.


GSR, or Galvanic Skin Response, is a technique for recording the variation in the electrical characteristics of the skin. Electrodes are typically placed on the finger tips, which then is used to measure skin resistance that varies with the state of sweat glands in the skin. Research has show that an increase in skin conductance is an indication of psychological of physiological arousal. It is important to note that an increase in arousal can be linked to both positive and negative stimuli, therefore, GSR is a representation of the intensity of arousal, and not the type of emotion.

TEMP, or Temperature, is a technique for recording the surface temperature of the skin. A thermistor sensor can be placed anywhere on the body, and is secured down with a velcro strap or tape. The output of the temperature sensor can be read in Fahrenheit or Celsius

CAPTIV Software

CAPTIV is a flexible and scalable software and hardware solution enabling the synchronous recording, display, and analysis of multiple data sources and inputs. Up to 32 wireless sensors can be recorded and synchronized with 3rd party devices such as eye-trackers, dry EEG systems, and more. CAPTIV also has multiple analysis tools and reports, such as heart rate, joint angles, static and dynamic EMG, gait, arousal, and more. All of the data can be export into standard formats, or automatically integrated into reports. 


Sampling rate

32 Hz


16 bits et 0.05°C

Electrical Characteristics


Li-Ion 300mAh

Recording time


Charging Time


Mechanical Characteristics


52mm x 25mm x 14mm



Operating Conditions


0°C to 40°C



Shock resistance

2000 G