Respiration (RESP)

Wearable Sensing’s DSI RESP is a stretch sensor combined with an elastic strap that have a wired connection directly to the DSI-24 or DSI Flex system. The sensor is placed on the chest, and used to detect abdominal expansion and contraction.

*Actual RESP data collected from DSI-24


RESP, or Respiration, is a technique for recording the relative amount of expansion that occurs during respiration (breathing). A stretch sensor is placed along the chest and detects abdominal expansion and contraction, and then outputs the respiration waveform. 

DSI Electrode Types

Stretch Sensor

The DSI RESP is equipped with a stretch sensor so that when it is placed on the chest, it can detect the small changes in chest circumference that occur when a person inhales and exhales

Stretch Sensor


Compatible DSI Systems

DSI Flex

The DSI Flex has 7 customizable sensor locations, which can be configured in any variation of ExG, GSR, RESP, and TEMP


The DSI-24 has 3 auxiliary inputs on the headset, allowing seamless integration of wired ExG, GSR, RESP, and TEMP

Sampling Rate

300 Hz (600Hz upgrade available)


0.003 – 150 Hz

A/D resolution

0.317 μV referred to input

Input Impedance (1Hz)

47 GΩ


> 120 dB

Amplifier / Digitizer

16 bits / 24 channels

Connection Type

Wired to DSI system