EXG and Biometric Solutions

EEG. Biometrics. Software.

Wearable Sensing is proud to offer a wide array of technology products and solutions for your EXG and Biometrics applications.

Dry EEG Systems

The Dry Sensor Interface (DSI) series integrates QUASAR’s revolutionary dry electrode technology that acquires clean EEG signals, without the need for skin preparation or gels, and without compromising on signal quality.

Wet EEG Systems

We are proud to be the exclusive USA distributor of Nueracle’s high-density wet EEG products.

Ergonomics & Biometrics Solutions

We are proud to be a key USA distributor of TEA Ergo’s CAPTIV IMU and Biometrics products.

Software Solutions

We offer a variety of free and paid software packages for interfacing with our EEG, Ergonomics, and Biometrics hardware products.

Third-Party Interfaces

In order to allow Wearable Sensing‘s users to pursue both commercial and research applications, we have interfaced a wide array of third-party tools.