Neuroscience and Psychology Research

Dry EEG Application

Wireless. High Fidelity. Powerful.

Equipped with QUASAR’s high-fidelity dry electrode technology, the DSI Series Headsets facilitate fast setup for large-scale screenings and optimize comfort for longitudinal studies requiring long or repeated recordings. Electrical and motion artifact resistance allows ambulatory use outside the laboratory, while compatibility with a wide range of research tools facilitates data integration and analysis.

For applications requiring high-resolution source localization or advanced embedded onboard processing Neuracle’s high-density wireless EEG systems offer a cost-effective solution that is also designed for mobile use.

Uncompromising Signal Integrity. Immune to Electrical and Motion Artifacts

3rd Party Software Integrations


  • EEGLab
  • OpenVibe
  • NeuroRT
  • BCI2000


  • E-Prime
  • Presentation
  • Millisecond

Integrated Auxiliary Inputs:

  • EOG
  • ECG
  • EMG

  • GSR
  • Embedded 3D Accelerometer

Interial Motion Unit Tracking

    • Real-time Avatar
    • Preset Ergonomic Ranges
    • Immune to Motion and Electromagnetic Interference

Recommended Products For Neuroscience and Psychology Research

DSI 24

21 sensors at 10/20 locations. Comparable to wet electrodes. Fast set-up and clean-up. Compatible with NeuroGuide, Avatar, and EEGer …

NeuSenW Series

8, 32, and 64 channel options. Programmable MSP for real-time analysis. Lightweight and comfortable. Wireless synchronization…

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