CAPTIV- NeuroLab is a scalable tool designed to flexibly accommodate each user’s unique needs for human behavior research in many different applications.

CAPTIV-NeuroLab synchronizes and collects data from multiple sources, giving researchers insights into people’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioral reactions to diverse stimuli.

CAPTIV NeuroLab is a turnkey solution, adjustable to needs in accordance with your field of action. The interface takes elements from scenario via « drag & drop », the data collection devices are « plug & play » and recording measures is automatic. Filters can be applied and in 1 click, CAPTIV-NeuroLab generates detailed and exportable graphs.


Data visualization and report options include:

-Key metrics presented on one page

-Number and duration of fixations by participant and by medium

-Heatmaps for all media and areas of interest

-Combined analysis of multimodal data: including eye-tracking, emotional/cognitive responses, and facial expressions


NeuroLab Sensors

The NeuroLab package include a wireless T-Sens GSR sensor and a T-USB receiver. Users can easily add additional data inputs, e.g. EEG headsets, facial expression analyzers, and eye-trackers.