Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)

Wearable Sensing’s DSI GSR are dry electrode sensors that have a wired connection directly to the DSI-24 or DSI Flex system. The sensors can are placed on the finger tips and used to detect sweat conductivity


GSR, or Galvanic Skin Response, is a technique for recording the variation in the electrical characteristics of the skin. Electrodes are typically placed on the finger tips, which then is used to measure skin resistance that varies with the state of sweat glands in the skin. Research has show that an increase in skin conductance is an indication of psychological of physiological arousal. It is important to note that an increase in arousal can be linked to both positive and negative stimuli, therefore, GSR is a representation of the intensity of arousal, and not the type of emotion.

DSI Electrode Types

Finger Electrode

The DSI GSR sensor comes equipped with electrodes attached to velcro strips that can be used to securely place the sensor on the finger tips

Finger Electrodes


Compatible DSI Systems

DSI Flex

The DSI Flex has 7 customizable sensor locations, which can be configured in any variation of ExG, GSR, RESP, and TEMP


The DSI-24 has 3 auxiliary inputs on the headset, allowing seamless integration of wired ExG, GSR, RESP, and TEMP

Sampling Rate

300 Hz (600Hz upgrade available)


0.003 – 150 Hz

A/D resolution

0.317 μV referred to input

Input Impedance (1Hz)

47 GΩ


> 120 dB

Amplifier / Digitizer

16 bits / 24 channels

Connection Type

Wired to DSI system