Neurofeedback and Peak Performance

Revolutionizing the EEG Experience

Dry. Efficient. Revolutionary.

The DSI series of dry electrode headsets do not require irritating skin abrasion, messy gels, and time-consuming clean-up, dramatically improving patient retention and throughput.

Uncompromising signal quality and compatibility with leading neurofeedback software packages make for world-class neurofeedback experience.

Wearable Sensing’s DSI technology will put your practice at the forefront of innovation and maximize your operational efficiency.

The DSI Series Headsets work with a large number of Third-Party NeuroFeedback software packages

Increased Productivity

    • Fast setup and clean-up reduces client and technician time
    • Fast technician training
    • Low artifacts for shorter readings

Comfortable for children and Sensitive clients

    • Used for Cerebral Palsy patients
    • Child size available.

Recommended Products For Neurofeedback & Peak Performance

DSI 24

21 sensors at 10/20 locations. Comparable to wet electrodes. Fast set-up and clean-up. Compatible with NeuroGuide, Avatar, and EEGer …


7 sensors at 10/20 locations. Wireless and ambulatory. Ultra-fast self-donning. Comfortable for long-term and repeated use…

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