Ergonomics & Biometrics

Biometrics Application

Wireless. Multimodal. Seamless.

TEA Ergo’s CAPTIV platform wirelessly acquires data from a rich multimodal physiological sensor suite including IMU motion tracking, eye-tracking, EEG, ECG, EMG, GSR, temperature, respiration, video, and more. CAPTIV seamlessly synchronizes, displays and analyzes these data streams and provides advanced analytics and reports for a quantified study of body movement and ergonomics.

CAPTIV is portable and uniquely robust to electrical and motion artifacts making it ideally suited for ambulatory research in real-world environments.

Inertial Motion Tracking

    • Real-time Avatar
    • Preset Ergonomic Ranges
    • Immune to motion and electromagnetic interference

Wide Array Of Integrated Sensors

Recommended Products For Ergonomics and Biometrics


Synchronized wireless data. ECG, EMG, EEG, GSR, Respiration, temperature, IMU motion tracking, eye-tracking, and video. Integrated analysis and reporting…

IMU Motion Tracking

Full or partial body motion tracking real-world resistant to electromagnetic interference. Human body avatar with angle and speed analysis. Synchronized into CAPTIV platform…

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