About Our Team

Career Opportunities

Wearable Sensing is always interested in growing its team and capabilities with highly motivated new talent. If you are interested in a position at Wearable Sensing, send us your CV and a letter describing your interest and how you would fit in with the team.

Application Specialist Position Open

Wearable Sensing is looking for a scientifically minded and well-spoken individual with a networking personality to act as an Application Specialist to our current and potential customer base. The position encompasses a broad range of tasks and responsibilities, which include the development of research solutions for customers who are interested in any of our Wearable Sensing technologies, including EEG, EXG, eye-tracking, motion capture, and for a wide range of application including BCI, neuromarketing, neurofeedback, neuroergonomics, peak performance training… The position entails lots of travel! See the job posting  for more information.

Technical Sales and Marketing Position Open

Wearable Sensing is looking for an enthusiastic and self-motivated person with the ability to communicate to scientists in the field of biomedical technology in a wide range of domains including neuroscience research, brain-computer interface (BCI), neuromarketing, peak-performance training, neurofeedback, and augmented cognition. The position encompasses a broad range of sales and marketing tasks and responsibilities while providing an opportunity for growth within the company. See the job posting for more information.