Neuracle Wireless Gel-Based EEG Hub

Neuracle Wireless Gel-Based EEG Hub


Neuracle Trigger Hub

Wearable Design, Flexible In Various Environments 
1 – Wear easily with revolutionary size (8.5×5.5×1.5cm, 80g)
2 – Performs excellently in a wide range of clinical and research settings with wireless transmission(WIFI)

High Quality EEG Acquisition 
1 – High precision(24-bit) with low input noise(<0.4μVrms) sampling technology boosts the signal-to-noise ratio, guaranteeing signal quality while recording small amplitude signals such as evoked potentials
2 – Super wide dynamic range with DC-coupled amplifier prevents saturation of the amplifier by electrode offset voltage or artifacts
3 – Motion artifact reduction via 9-axis motion sensor and real-time signal processing algorithm

Wireless Data Synchronization 
1 – Synchronization between data acquisition and stimulus trigger, enabling wireless ERP recording
2 – Synchronized acquisition between multiple devices for EEG base Hyperscanning, multi-subject interaction
3 – Synchronized between EMG/Eye Tracking/Video and other related signal