Captiv Biometric Sensors

Captiv Biometric Sensors



The Captiv T-Sens Suite of sensors offers up to 16 different Biometric sensors:

T-Sens FSR for 3 fingers

T-Sens for Goniometer (transmitter only – gonio not included)

T-Sens for Torsiometer (transmitter only – torsio not included)

T-Sens Accelerometer 3 axis

T-Sens Inclinometer

T-Sens Heart Rate (BPM) with belt

T-Sens sEMG (RMS)

T-Sens Skin Temperature

T-Sens Respiration

T-Sens GSR

T-Sens ECG with belt

T-Sens ECG with disposable electrodes

T-Sens GSR + Temperature

T-Sens Motion (IMU) with one strap included per sensor

T-Sens Load Cell

T-Sens Universal Module (contact TEA for connectors)