Captiv Multimodal

Captiv Multimodal


CAPTIV is a flexible tool designed to synchronize and analyze data collected from multiple sources in parallel with a video recording of the experiment, giving users detailed, comprehensive insights into human behavior.

CAPTIV flexibly fits your unique research requirements, for experiments conducted in e.g. ergonomics, or behavioral neuroscience research.

Users can use multiple sensors to collect different types of data, such as the wireless T-Sens suite of sensors, eye-trackers, electromyography (EMG) or motion sensors, Setting up experiments is fast and easy: users can drag and drop elements into their research paradigm, plug in the desired data recording devices, and data are recorded automatically. The data can be filtered, analyzed, and exported or viewed in CAPTIV-NeuroLab’s detailed charts and graphics.

Data visualization and report options include:

  • Synchronous video and sensor measurements via telemetry and/or the wireless data logger
  • Visual comparisons between images and measured events
  • Detailed observations
  • Analysis of physical performance in a given situation
  • Multimedia reports