NeuroMarketing And NeuroErgonomics

Dry EEG Application

Mobile. Fast. Insightful.

The DSI Series Headsets are fast to set-up, unobtrusive, and comfortable so as not to distract test subjects or interfere with the task at hand. Furthermore, their wireless and motion artifact resistant capabilities enable ambulatory research in real-world settings.

Versatile machine learning-based algorithms process EEG signals into individualized and interpretable cognitive assessment gauges, providing real-time insight into mental states, workload, engagement, fatigue, and stress.

TEA Ergo’s Neurolab software offers a turnkey solution for media presentation, synchronized with GSR, EEG, and eye-tracking signal acquisition as well as facial coding, with easy-to-use analytics for fast and powerful research.

NeuroLab Software

    • Integrated Presentation
    • GSR
    • Eye-Tracking
    • Facial Coding
    • EEG gauges and analysis reports

Qstates Machine Learning Algorithms

    Qstates Machine learning algorithms provide rapid training on a wide range of cognitive states, as well as real-time and off-line classification of states.

Recommended Products For NeuroMarketing & NeuroErgonomics


The DSI-7 is a research-grade wireless dry electrode EEG headset designed for ultra-rapid application. The DSI-7 offers practicality, portability…


Turnkey solution, for cognitive research. Synchronized GSR, EEG, Eye-tracking, and facial coding. Integrated analytics and reports…

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