Company Profile

Founded in March 2013, Wearable Sensing is a growing, California-based limited liability company focused on the development of wearable sensing technology and its potential applications.

Wearable Sensing has signed a license agreement with Quantum Applied Science and Research (QUASAR) to commercialize its sensor technology for non-medical applications. QUASAR has developed the highest quality dry sensors on the market. These sensors are capable of measuring EEG, EOG, ECG, and EMG in ambulatory environments with minimal interference from motion and electrical artifacts.

These practical, high-fidelity systems are opening the door to many innovative applications in commercial domains.

Vision and Approach

Our approach is to develop wearable sensing solutions that provide the highest signal quality in the most non-intrusive form factors.

We are actively expanding the types of sensors we provide and their practical wearable applications. We welcome collaborations in the wearable sensing space that will increase wearable sensing capabilities and applications.


Wearable Sensing is currently a privately held company; however, we welcome contact from interested investors.