Wearable Sensing Support

Dedication to Highest Quality

Wearable Sensing strives to provide our customers with the highest potential customer support and technology.

Highest Quality Products: Towards this end, we pride ourselves with having the highest fidelity sensors based on 's innovative and patented designs, and we integrate those into practical and comfortable wearable systems that refuse to compromise on signal quality. We manufacture our systems to industry leading specifications, and we verify and validate each system before its delivery.

Highest Quality Support: We stand behind our products and support our customers in their specific applications, to ensure their success in using our products. We provide technical support on using the systems in novel environments and applications, interfacing to other products, IRB submissions, experimental design, data analysis, and even manuscript and grant preparation! We strive to provide our customers the most comprehensive and highest quality technical support.

Highest Quality Innovation: We have direct access to QUASAR's brilliant engineers and scientists, and are thus able to customize solutions to meet new needs and challenges. We stand on the shoulders of these giants, and we stand behind our products and customers. We stand ready to support our customers' research needs and to assure their success in using our products in their applications.

Please do not hesitate to contact us below, and we would be happy to answer your questions.