Customers and Testimonials

Current Customers and Testimonials


Our systems for human behavior research are being used by a number of researchers in a variety of fields and for different applications. Here are some of their comments on their user experience:

Fast and Easy to Use:

"I ran an EEG experiment with a kid with cerebral palsy yesterday using the DSI-24. It was a breeze!
In and out in 20 min and he was moving his head/a bit fidgety, but the EEG data looked quite stable. We could take a 2 min break after 10 min and he could just stand up and walk around, no tangle of wires.
Have to still analyze the data, but the acquisition was so so good! And on top of that I could run a quick test on the same day, on me with a somatosensory task and motor task, setting it up on myself within minutes!
[...] you've taken EEG to a whole different level!"

      Disha Gupta, Ph.D.
      Instructor, Burke-Cornell Medical Research Institute
High Performance:

"... we have been extremely impressed with how clean the signal is coming out of this [DSI-7-Flex] headset. Everyone on our team is excited to merge the EEG with our other protocols. The kids are tolerating the headset and electrodes quite well!"

      Kirk Wallace
      Research Assistant, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

In-Depth Training:

"[...] thank you for organising and conducting the [training] session. [...] "The training was very useful and those present I’m sure have learned a lot and Neil indeed was very accommodating." I can't agree more. The session was indeed very useful and, as I said to Neil, very 'hands on', which was exactly what I hoped for. [...] I'd like to sum up this email by saying that I am truly glad that we purchased your devices and I look forward to using them in my experimental projects, starting this year.

@ Neil: I'd like to thank you personally for the great discussions we had around my project ideas. Your suggestions were very useful and pushed my thinking further towards exploring further the theoretical and methodological underpinning of the projects. "

      Kristian Rotaru, Ph.D.
      Lecturer of Accounting Information Systems, Monash University

DSI Technology Users

DSI Technology is being used all around the world at an ever-growing list of reputable research institutions and neurofeedback centers, a few of which are listed below:

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