QStates Cognitive State Classification Software


Cognitive State Classification

QStates is a quantitative EEG (qEEG) based cognitive state classification software that uses spectral features

  • Rapid and efficient Partial-Least-Squares (PLS) based learning algorithm
  • Train to classify cognitive states based on as little as two one-minute recordings (high and low states)
  • Produces linear interpolation or probability density function output of state (0-100 value) every 2 seconds
  • Models can be trained to classify any cognitive state for which there is a qEEG signature (eg. workload, emotions, ...)
  • Validated perfomance of >90% accuracy for mental workload, engagement and fatigue
  • Classifies up to 3 models simultaneously
  • Real-time processing of data streamed via TCP/IP socket
  • Off-line data analysis with graphical display of results
  • Automated summary tables generation
  • Monitor data quality and rejects bad epochs
  • Data saved in comma-separated value (.csv) format