The DSI-7-Flex is a research grade wireless EEG system designed for versatile application of up to 7 sensors at any location. Its main features include:

  • Integrated electonics module with amplifiers, digitizers, transmitter and power supply
  • Can be configured to record EEG from up to 7 sensors + Linked Ears earclip sensors (not shown in picture)
  • Versatile sensor placement for exploratory investigations
  • Double spring-loaded pods for mechanical stability and comfort
  • Continuous impedance monitoring
  • BlueTooth wireless transmission with sampling at 300Hz
  • Rechargable Li-ion batteries allow continuous operation
  • 4-bit digital trigger input
  • Can be used with BraiNet or other harness systems
  • Various optional electrode tip configurations: pinned, flat, single or double spring loaded pods.


The DSI-7-Flex's is a turn-key system whose user-configurable sensor locations allow exploration of applications requiring high signal quality dry-sensors. While this system is not intended for ambulatory use, it is designed to enable laboratory research into EEG applications that include:

  • Neuroscience and Neuropsychological research
  • Brain Computer Interfaces
  • Neurofeedback
  • NeuroErgonomics
  • NeuroEconomomics / NeuroMarketing
  • NeuroEducation
  • Augmented Cognition
  • Biometrics
  • Cognitive Stress or Workload Monitoring
  • Sports Peak Performance Training




Features and Specifications


Sensor Locations Six (6) active dry sensors in individual pods
and one (1) Linked Ear (2 dry active sensor earclips)


One (1) Common Mode Follower reference sensor
Ground One (1) ground electrode
Headset BraiNet placement cap allows users to select any location.


One 7-channel amplifier and digitizer
Wireless BlueTooth
Run-time >12 hours
Headsize fit N/A
Headset weight ~200g
Wireless range: 10m
Digital Inputs: 4 bit input
Analog/Digital Converter: 16 bits
Analog/Digital resolution: 0.317 uV referred to input
Sample Rate: 300 Hz
Bandwidth: 0.003-150Hz
Gain: 60
Common mode rejection ratio: > 120dB
Channel Cross-talk: < -70dB with sensors
Input Impedance (1Hz): 47Gohm
Input bias current: <25pA
DC offset tolerance: +/-200mV
Maximum input range: 10mV pk-pk
Noise (1-50Hz): <3 uV pk-pk

* Specifications subject to change, please contact us to obtain latest specifications



DSI-Streamer is Wearable Sensing's easy-to-use data acquisition software. The software features include:

  • Control of DSI headset functions
  • Real-time diplay and replay of data
  • Tabbed navigation of controls
  • Integrated diagnostic tab with graphical color representation of electrode impedance
  • User selectable filters
  • Record raw and/or filtered data
  • Exporting to standard EDF and comma-separated value (.csv) formats that can be readily imported to 3rd party applications
  • Editable montages, color scheme and display parameters (window size, scaling, etc.)
  • Event Related Potentials (ERP) view (in beta)
  • TCP/IP socket for real-time streaming to external applications (in beta)

* included at no additional charge with DSI systems



QStates is a quantitative EEG (qEEG) based cognitive state classificatin software that uses spectral features

  • Rapid and efficient Partial-Least-Squares (PLS) based learning algorithm
  • Train to classify cognitive states based on as little as two one-minute recordings (high and low states)
  • Produces linear interpolation or probability density function output of state (0-100 value) every 2 seconds
  • Models can be trained to classify any cognitive state for which there is a qEEG signature (eg. workload, emotions, ...)
  • Validated perfomance of >90% accuracy for mental workload, engagement and fatigue
  • Classifies up to 3 models simultaneously
  • Real-time processing of data streamed via TCP/IP socket
  • Off-line data analysis with graphical display of results
  • Automated summary tables generation
  • Monitor data quality and rejects bad epochs
  • Data saved in comma-separated value (.csv) format

*Sold separately

Application Programming Interface (API)

Wearable Sensing is currently developing an Application Programming Interface to allow developers to directly communicate with DSI systems via a Component Object Model (COM) interface that is implemented as a .dll library for Windows OS.

  • (Coming soon)


DSI-7-Flex: Donning

This video tutorial shows the process of putting on a DSI-Mini and getting sensors through hair.

DSI: Set-Up

This video shows how to set-up Wearable Sensing's Dry Sensor Interface (DSI) systems and getting sensors through hair prior to starting the recording of data.

Doffing DSI-7-Flex

This video tutorial shows the process of removing, cleaning and maintaining a DSI-Mini.


Acquiring EEG with DSI-Streamer

This video tutorial shows the process of acquiring EEG signal using DSI-Streamer, and saving data to .csv and .edf format.